#TheThirst Is Real…

DJ Pain 1 is giving some real-world, common sense advice with this series of clips… Check him out!


L.A.W “Last Year” / Video Shoot Open Call 08-23-14

L.A.W has an open call out for the “Last Year” video shoot this Saturday afternoon. . If you are in the Jonesboro, GA area, check ‘em out…

Time Sensitive Info On YouTube Royalties For Indie Artists

Licensing for online media saw an important evolution this past August when the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) and YouTube’s parent company, Google, settled an NMPA lawsuit. The resulting settlement paved the way for increased efficiencies for UGC (User Generated Content) to use and legally license copyrighted music on videos that are posted on YouTube. […]

Don Bigg “Mabghitch”

One of my favorite Hip-Hop clients (Hammadi on the Beat) is in Morocco making some noise! Check out this clip…