Say’hu “Truth”

I’ve always enjoyed working on songs with these guys (KQII Films is always on point with the visuals as well)… Definitely looking forward to getting back in the studio with them soon! Check out “Truth” below –

Asylum Digital PSA #3

We are NOT a record label. Sending me emails like – “go to************ and listen and type me back about a deal” will get you nowhere. That was an actual email & that’s really all it said. Pretty sad… Think about what you say & be professional… That is the Asylum Digital PSA for […]

Asylum Digital PSA #2

Time. I’ve been seeing some craziness lately. So much so, that I want to take a minute to help clear up some confusion. The commercially available songs that you love and enjoy on a daily basis were not recorded & mixed in an hour or so. They just weren’t. Think about it. PLEASE. Does that song (that […]

Kam Moye & Complex Magazine/Grey Goose Vodka “Rising Icons”

Charlotte’s own Kam (Suapstition) Moye has been selected as part of the Complex Magazine / Grey Goose Vodka “Rising Icons” campaign. VOTE people!!! Here is the linkage – Complex Rising Icons