Quill “#2MinuteWorkout”

We had a blast working on “Loose Leaf Vol. 2″ with Quill. I kinda hate that I didn’t get to work on this quick promo for the record – but it’s a FUN flip on a 90’s classic (& I gotta share it)!!! Check it out below…


Say’hu “Truth”

I’ve always enjoyed working on songs with these guys (KQII Films is always on point with the visuals as well)… Definitely looking forward to getting back in the studio with them soon! Check out “Truth” below –


L.A.W “Last Year” / Video Shoot Open Call 08-23-14

L.A.W has an open call out for the “Last Year” video shoot this Saturday afternoon. . If you are in the Jonesboro, GA area, check ‘em out…


Super Ape “King Lament”

Haaa! I kinda like Christopher Holstons description of this piece… Under the influence of an improvisational set, through the pulsation and fluttering emerges a cool, groove laden, track du jour! As if that wasn’t enough – something special happens about a minute into this piece. Super Ape finds a different voice, literally. Lyrically, this piece […]