5 Tumblr Tricks For Increasing Fan Interaction

I saw this article by Clyde Smith on Hypebot the other day & thought it could be helpful to some of the folks that are running their websites on Tumblr. Tumblr has settled in and become a music marketing staple with its unique combo of blogging and social media. But like most blogging platforms there […]


A Very Fab Oversight Christmas

We are happy to have been able to contribute to this compilation of some local (and some non-local) groups & musicians. We hope that you will enjoy them and feel free to share it with your friends or family. https://faboversight.bandcamp.com/ HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!


Joel Mullis @ Soundcloud (Various Rock Productions & Mixes)

We’ve all heard much of Joel’s “Southern Hip-Hop” work, but he is pretty bad-ass on the Rock side of things too!!! He recently set up a Soundcloud page to share some indie examples of his Rock production and mixes. You can follow Joel on Soundcloud @ soundcloud.com/joel340. For inquiries please feel free to contact Joel […]


Plaza Midwood Community Radio presents “Don’t Touch That Dial!”

Plaza Midwood Community Radio is proud to bring you their first ever compilation – “Don’t Touch That Dial!” This comp is part fundraiser, part labor of love. 19 Charlotte area bands/musicians were kind enough to donate a track to help our cause. This 19 song compilation is available on Bandcamp for only $6 (Of course, […]