Awesome!!! The Mo’ Betta Soul Kickstarter Project was a Success.

They did it! And almost $1100 over goal. Congrats!


I saw this post from Tsururadio and really felt the need to pass it along… It’s time to let it go. Wow! great minds think alike, eh? via sippycupeverything:    Just do it. Now more than ever before. They tried revamping it and now the music player’s wonky and the tour dates are awkward […]


Plaza Midwood Community Radio

Community radio emanating truth & beauty from the radiant folks of Plaza Midwood, Charlotte, NC. This is really cool! My good friend Jason Michel (Elroy) has started Plaza Midwood Community Radio. It’s currently in “beta” mode, so there may be a little dead air & a few hiccups – but there are some really cool […]

acarney1 copy_flyer

The Alison Carney + CityLife Project

Hey guys, this morning, I received this from a client of ours. Could be cool… Interested producers can simply create a free member account at and upload beats… The winner, will receive media coverage on vitamin water, coverage on (frank151 is the ish, btw) and coverage on citylife. here are links to the […]