What is Mo Betta Soul?

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/15938747 &w=590&h=332] Mo’ Betta Soul (MBS) is a performance concept with the idea of “music, art & coffee” where intimate shows are put together combining visual artists and performing artists. The creator (Preach Jacobs of Sounds Familiar Records) is based out of Columbia, SC and the concept has gotten great attention. The idea of […]



SLOW DOWN: A Continuous Mix At The Wrong Speed By Steve Thuro

Steve compiled a collection of drum-n-bass from Pieter K, Ming+FS, Future Prophecies, John B, Drum Sound & Simon “Bassline” Smith & mixed it all at 33RPM for a new school break sound. It had been a while since I’ve recorded an actual mix in the studio. Most mixtapes now are anything but… a mix… Sounds […]


Raised / Drunken Hearts by Cinco

I really had a great time working on these songs with Cinco (Christopher Holston). “Raised” was produced by Jason Michel & “Drunken Hearts” was written by Christopher, then twisted up & re-programmed by myself. Rob Jones also appears on bass & Sloan McLaughlin adds in some sweet cymbal work. The Raised / Drunken Hearts (digi […]