My Hell Yeah Moment of the Past Week!!!

One of my clients gave me really sweet 1980 Gretsch Committee bass guitar last week. Hell yeah – thank Dux!!!!


Super Ape w/ Snagglepuss & HotChaCha

In honor of the undying spirit of whimsicality inherent in the collective synchronistications of awesomitude and Stephen and Jason’s b-days, we three bands will bare our naked hearts and minds to your joyous butts. You should come. here is the Facebook event page Super Ape w/ Snagglepuss + HotChaCha Friday, November 5 · 9:00pm Snug […]

The History of the Boombox

Matt Cagle & JJ Bass present The Truly Bizarre

“The Truly Bizarre” is a really cool Hip-Hop record from earlier this year [Black Flag Records] – get it on iTunes now. Hopefully we’ll be working w/ JJ soon on an upcoming project. While you’re at it, download “Coup d’état” – a promotional mixtape made for Black Flag Records (mixed by DJ Green Lantern). Support […]