Coulwood Presents “Beyonder” (digi 7″)

The newest project from Dirty Haire is based on the the digital funk stylings of the legendary recluse musician, Coulwood Ramsey. The details of the life of Coulwood remain vague, but it’s no secret that this new single “Beyonder/Dropamagic” shonuff BANG!!! This selection is available digitally @ these stores: iTunes / Amazon / eMusic / […]

AC-7 Pro DAW Controller – An iPad App

Wow!!! I realize that all the functionality of a Mackie Controller or EuCon are not there, but damn – this is a huge step! And for $9.99… I think it could be really cool for remote access or simple channel automation. Can you imagine whats coming in the future w/ improvements, updates, etc…?


Welcome to the Monkey House – A Special Closing Night Banana-Thon

Come & enjoy an intimate evening with your favorite primates, Super Ape, on the closing night of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Welcome to the Monkey House” – 05.29.10 at The Cast Theater. Welcome to the Monkey House $20 – $25 Play starts at 8pm All patrons of the play are welcome to stay, have some drinks & […]