Super Ape – Ape Shit b/w Peoples in the Mist

I try to be real balanced about how I promote (my) band thru this website. BUT, it’s great music! We love it & we think that you will too! Recorded over a couple of dates in October & mastered @ Studio B, this project has been a blast! You can buy the 7″ vinyl locally […]


ATTN ALL Friends and Colleagues, Please join us as we celebrate the month of Ape-ril at the… SUPER APE WORLDWIDE CORPORATE CONVENTION & Job Fair at the Visulite Theatre Saturday, April 17th, 2010 Doors open at 8PM (join us early for a complementary buffet). The line up is sure help you gain success and happiness […]

Consolidating Audio Files In Audacity

Consolidating regions in Audacity: 1. Name all your tracks. 2. Select “Export Multiple” from the File pull-down menu. 3. Set Export Format to WAV, Split files based on Tracks, and Name files Using Label/Track Name.

Consolidating Audio Files In Logic

Consolidating regions in Logic: From the Arrange page choose File > Export > All Tracks As Audio Files. Remember to export them as 24-bit /44.1kHz wav or aif files.