What is BlakRoc?

This is kind of exciting!!!! Some really good stuff is beginning to trickle out this year. 11.27.09 Be sure to visit www.blakroc.com

The Beatles 09.09.09 Remasters

Ok, so I got the 09.09.09 remaster of Abbey Road by The Beatles… & I immediately cut on (one of my favorite songs ever) – “Something”. It sounded absolutely fantastic!!! Out of curiosity, I wanted to A/B these mixes to the original CD & the 320kbps that i’ve had on my iPod all these years. […]

“Maple St. Sessions” from Preach Jacobs & DJ Denz to be released on R2 Records

I just received the news yesterday —– We are very proud to announce the release of “Maple St. Sessions” on R2 Records 10.27.09!!! Great record (& we had lots of fun working on it), so be sure to get out there & support these guys… You can always find out more about releases & upcoming […]