Asylum Digital PSA#1

***DISCLAIMER—This is mainly for my hip hop heads.*** Can we please get back to working on original songs? These mixtapes are cool & all, but you are only holding yourself back. For project after project, so many artists are bringing in these J. Arms CD’s (& the best case scenario being – they have pulled something off […]

Dirty Drummer & Nintendo

We’re very proud of Dirty Drummer landing the music in the North & South American ad launch of the Nintendo Sports Resort for Wii. Over the past few weeks, we busted our collective butts & pulled it together… Anyway, check it out here: [youtube=]

Kam Moye & Complex Magazine/Grey Goose Vodka “Rising Icons”

Charlotte’s own Kam (Suapstition) Moye has been selected as part of the Complex Magazine / Grey Goose Vodka “Rising Icons” campaign. VOTE people!!! Here is the linkage – Complex Rising Icons

The News / 07.26.09

Last week was pretty busy!!! We made quite a overhaul of the Asylum Digital site ( There is still a few things that need to be added, but they are primarily in the “Photography” section. Putting some thought into the flow of the site, we thought it best to set up this wordpress blog to handle the […]